Friday, February 13, 2015

Financial Dimension bug exist in DIXF functionality in standard Ax2012 R2 CU6.

Hi Friends,

while working in my current project,one of my functional person report issue on DIXF financial dimension.
Let me explain the issue:
Standard Ax2012 functionality:
Go the GL - General Journal
Create a journal.
Enter the Ledger account,based on the enter ledger account it will decide which configure account structure to be used.

cost-center-Purpose dimension structure value comes from below setup form.
(GL - Setup - Chart of accounts - configure account structure.

DIXF scenario:
We can use standard DIXF entity to import the ledger journal entity.(Opening Balance)

Based on the input ledger account it should validate that passing financial Dimension  with ledger is right or wrong.
But it is not happening.
financial dimension is static in DIXF import,not depends on passing ledger account.
it comes from default legal entity setup.
Coding issue & Solution:
Red marked code always search first only,but it is wrong approach.
It should find based on the passed ledger account number.

Now if you try to import the CSV file via DIXF it will take right financial dimension.

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