Saturday, December 25, 2010

what is basic difference between index and indexhint in select statement.

While fetching data from the database we use select statement and for better performance in data fetching we use an index/indexhint.

Index: when we use index in select statement it implies that the declare index field should behave as an order by and it is optional for the database to use. Database can use its own preference.

Index hint: it force the DB to use that index for fetch the data whether it is right choice or not.

Install Ax4.0 and Ax2009 in Windows XP.

To install Ax4.0 and Ax5.0 follow the below steps.

1. .net framework 2.0 install. installer3.1 install.

3.install .net framework 3.5.

4.install sql server 2005 sql server database services.

5.install the sp2 patch layer.(if u install ax2009 ,for ax4.0 it is not necessary).

6.change the active computer name and add environment variable one more
component UserDnsDomain value any thing.

7.install Ax 2009 application.

8.Create a new Data base instance with that active computer name. will successfully install all the components.

10.restore the changes done in step :6.

11.Go to the server configuration utility and change the database name to local computer name.

12.go to the client configuration utility and change the connecting instance computer name.

13.go to the services.msc and start the service.

14.upload the license and the data in the checklist.

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