Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some basic inventory concept.

Tare weight : It is the weight of the empty curtain or roops or goods protector which are used while transporting/storing one item.
In Ax you can specify the parameter value for a specific item by going
Inventory>Item Details>setup>Item Data>
Gross weight = Net weight + Tare weight.
External item number:
This concept is used when a item is identified by our system(Ax application) different name other than the Customer/vendor given name.
Inventory>Item Details> setup button>Customer Details Description/Vendor Details Description.

Barcode:Inventory>item Details>Setup button>Barecode.
suppose we have different color,size,configuration of Dell laptops in our inventory.
1.17inch LCD black ,i3 processor inspiron 2.15.4 inch LCD blue ,i5 processor inspiron.3.13inch LCD RED,i7 processor inspiron.
We will enter a single item entry in the inventory and create multiple barcodes based on the models available.
This barecodes are used to identify a speicfic configuration,size,color item correctly.

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