Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi guys,if u r facing any issue regarding Ax technical /functional please post your problem.
We will try to help it out.

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  1. Hi Avi,

    I am having a technica question and a functional question. Since you are from a technical back ground, I will ask the technical question first.

    I am importing the sales forecast data in the system (Inventory mgmt>Inquiries>Forecast>Sales). In this form, the total amount is calculated based on the sales quantity and unit price field on the Item tab. But since I am importing the data, it is not getting calculated and the value is being shown as 0.00. I have learnt that it can be done using the conversion rules functionality in the import setup. Can you please tell me what code should i put in the coversion rules tab in order to calculate the amount field in while importing.

    The functional question:

    My client is in the business of bakery and manufactures bakery products. We are implementing the production module in the company and trying to map the bakery process into ax.

    The production is of manufacture to order type where planned production orders will be created from sales orders using master planning. The production happens through the following stages:

    1. From the raw material (flour, yeast, sugar, water) to dough. (measured in Kg)
    2. From dough to Raw bread (measured in pieces)
    3. From Raw bread to baked bread. (measured in pieces)

    Now, in the 2nd stage, i.e. from dough to raw bread, the production can be done in batches of fixed capacities of dough. E.g. the raw bread can be produced any of 40, 30, 20 or 10 kg batches of dough.

    The requirement is to configure the system such that it automatically generates different production jobs (or split the production order) according to the batch sizes, from the total production quantity.

    Example: There is an order to for 100 cases of bread. (=200 quantities of bread if 2 breads/case). For 200 breads, let dough required is 110 kg. So for the second operation (i.e. dough to raw bread) system should generate the production job/schedule as below

    3 nos of 30 kg batches
    1 no of 20 kg batches

    Is there any way I can make the system generate these job batches automatically?
    I tried to achieve this using work center capacity and process quantity but could not achieve this. The system goes on scheduling the job on the same machine rather than scheduling on a different machine.